Welcome to Joyous Movement! Our next Certificate Training Program date is set. Join us!


Do you have an elder family member or resident who is unresponsive or depressed? Our Joyous Movement Training Programs can help you make them feel alive again through the joy of movement, music and loving interaction.

Our next training is in Santa Barbara on Saturday, May 25th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at The Samarkand Retirement Community. www.thesamarkand.org

This fun, comprehensive training will qualify you to lead a class in Joyous Movement for assisted living and memory care participants. At the hands on training with Joyous Movement founder, Beth Amine you will receive:
• Flash Drive of a complete class
• Downloadable three part training video
• 36 page comprehensive workbook
• 6 Month Membership in the Joyous Mover interactive Private Facebook Group Page

We offer an Instructor Certificate and 5 CEU Credits. Cost is $295 and includes a comprehensive workbook and flash drive of a complete class. Anyone can do this! It is perfect for Caregivers, Activity Professionals, family members and individuals working in assisted living or with early memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Become a Certified Joyous Movement Instructor with our Training Programs and motivate everyone!

Dance has been scientifically proven to make us smarter and stave off the progression of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia! It creates new neural pathways and is the number one recreational activity for memory loss prevention.

  • More Joy
  • More Connection
  • More Aliveness
  • More Fitness
  • More Stimulation

Read a detailed description of our classes at our About page and shop at our Store now for the videos that will get you started!

1. The Joyous Movement Package provides two videos of Joyous Movement Memory Care classes. Video One shows a full 45 minute class with individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Video Two is a 45 minute instructional class with an easy to follow format.

Also included is a short training video that explains the three step process for facilitating video use. As a bonus, we include a year long membership to our Joyous Movement Facebook Club, where you can converse with our community and get regular free information updates with Beth.

2. Our second offering is a Certificate Training Program, taught both hands on in Santa Barbara and in a webinar. Being a Certified Joyous Movement instructor adds to your resume value, and is a great income opportunity as well.

Stay tuned for upcoming Joyous Movement videos for Independent Living Seniors as well as beginning and advanced dance workouts for Boomers. It’s wonderful to have you with us!