Hoarding and Letting Go

I recently was talking to a friend who is dating someone who is a hoarder. He was mentioning how hard it was to get into her house and that when he asked her why she keeps all those old things she replied that each one has meaning for her. And I just couldn’t understand not letting go of so much physical trash that it obstructs your ability to move.

And the next day I had to let a couple of people out of my life. One was a business relationship and the other was a personal one. I found it was incredibly difficult. Is this just like hoarding? Does letting and moving to the new have to be so hard?

I do believe that life is always in motion and that great joy comes from expanding our capacities to both live and love. So perhaps it is all just about knowing that there is more and always the possibility to create fresh and better. Then we can love and bless what was and live in the gift of the present.


The Human Experience
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