Here is a wonderful testimonial from one of my ninety-year old students, Camilla.

A testimonial from Melissa Alvarado, Program Coordinator at The Friendship Center:

The Friendship Center / Goleta would just like to express our deepest “Thanks” for the joy you bring us. Our members look forward to your Joyous Movement program and are always blessed by your energy and enthusiasm. Joyous Movement really is a well-rounded beneficial program for not only our physical health but our mind and spirit. Thanks again for all you do.

Another great video testimonial from Halina, an indepedent-living senior who uses Joyous Movement every week!

Below is a testimonial from a staff member from the Friendship Center Program:

Here’s the picture: It is a sunny day in beautiful southern California. Lunch has ended at the only day program in Santa Barbara County for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. A group of 35 seniors sit quietly, seated in a circle in a large room. The members, as they’re called at this lovely place by the sea, are in worlds accessible to few and none. And then Beth Amine arrives. And it’s something magical.

Dozy eyes are suddenly bright with anticipation, following her every movement. Beth Amine ignites on the dance floor and everyone catches the joyful fire. The members feel the music up through feet that feel heavy, bodies they’ve lost contact with, and minds that have betrayed them. In a systematic program of awakening, she greets each individual while playing a familiar song from their era. Beth then leads the group through a thorough warm up, designed to open the breath and chest, oxygenate the body and put rhythm in sleepy legs. They clap, and sing to familiar songs. Those who do not speak mouth the words and remember. Soon those who can stand are moving about the room. Beth brings colorful props and sequences the music to build engagement and go on a journey. Hands are held, providing connection and social contact. And the laughter! Yes, there’s a lot of that.

It’s an hour- an hour!-of Beth and her magic and it’s what the doctor ordered. Limbs are warmed and loosened. Skin is aglow. Beth connects it all — the physical, the mental, and the spiritual-through an amazing presentation of music and movement, lovingly designed for our special program. We are grateful beyond words. And moods are improved for the rest of the day!” (And we, too, get to join in on the fun!)

Student, 58:

“We are doing everything my physical therapist told me to do, but in a fun, dance type of way!”

Student, 75:

“It is very entertaining, and we can do it!”